Bye Bat
The best alternative to a Pest Control
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What can I say...

Stop killing bats in the windows of buildings

Bats in the City

70% of bats consume insects, sharing a large part of natural pest control. That happens in our cities, but where do they live? Lots of people call Pets Control because they can hear noises in the window, feel a bad smell, and they can find faeces also.

A new System

We have developed a way to solve the problem with an invention that makes them go out and makes impossible their return. If you are thinking in an ultrasonic device, I tell you they are not effective against bats. It is something new, trust me!

Can I buy it now?

Well, it is going to be for sale really soon. We are studying the market in order to sell franchises and licences. And by now, we have the best domain name.

Where did the idea come from?

After facing repeated situations with a little friend (Bruno, its spanish name).

Bat In Bathroom

In the bathroom

In the afternoon when came through a window he almost get drowned. It took a lot to take it out, I was afraid of hurting its wings or make him drown.

Bat In Balcony

In the balcony

At first it was inside the house, seated on the sofa, when I could get it out in this rainy day it didn't want to fly.

I don't want to kill it!

But I must find the way to make it go to live in a place where it can make noise, in order to improve the hygiene of my windows.